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First try with blender

My first ever 3D model. Made in Blender just to see how hard it was... And it was hard as hell as every single step was new to me :)

Havent found a poly counter in Blender, so I have no idea how heavy the model is. The UV-map is 128*128 pixels. It's supposed to be a low-poly game model.

Second try with blender

This time its a poly count of 148 :) ( Found the poly counter, but it is a face counter. So unless the model is triangulated, it will not show you what you want :) )

This time I really tried to make it low-poly.

Some blender mesh screens.

The texture

The texture with the UV-map superimposed.

My first character rigging and skinning

This guy gave me a huge headache as the skinning seemed to be lost, and I couldent understand why... But the problem was that I was trying to use multiple "Armatures" for the skeleton. I made one for each arm and leg and so on, and parented them to the spine. It kind of worked, but only for the bones, as soon as I tried parenting the "Armatures" to the mesh, only the last parented Armature worked.

But as soon as I merged the Armatures, it was smooth sailing again.

Look how happy the geezer got when he worked:


Vladimir in the Sentinel Song project doodled this mecha in a meeting a few months back. I think its cool, even if it never makes the game, so I decided to try making it.

First render of an early stage of the mecha.

Here I've completed the modeling and made a brutal UV mapping by projecting the model onto the original drawn scetch I worked from. As it was done in ink an watercolor: I added some "Toon ink edges" to the render :)

Modeling complete.

Boeing B17G? Flying Fortress

I asked in the .Map forum if anyone needed a model. That way I could train modeling and make some use of it as well. jv_map wanted more planes for his "Sky is the limit"-mod. So here is the start of a B17G? model:

Around 1400 polygons at this point.

Oki dokie. The modelling is done. I still havent figured out the smoothing groups... I gan smooth faces, but I havent figured out how to assign smoothing to separate areas ( I cant get creases between 2 areas ).

Complete model. 1789 polygons.

Hmm... Placing the UV mapping on a 512*512 texture may not be enough. The B17 is rather big now that I think of it. I may have to increase to 1024*1024.

The 512*512 UV mapping. The model looks awfully Tron-ich with this as a texture :D

I realised I'm not a naturally gifted texturer. And as jv_map offered to do the texture, I thannkfully allowed him to. And a nice job he did! Here is the completed model in full blasting action in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault:

Yes, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault normally don't have working aircraft, but since jv_map made his "Sky is the limit" mod for it: it now does.

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