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Ahhh... back at the Wiki-hood.:)

well, i hope you know why you wound up here, and what you want out of it. if not i suggest you go outside, find the nearest body of water and promptly try holding your breath for a few minutes. it's especially effective if you end up in a large mud puddle when you pass out.

hem... back to business.

alright, first off, we need a picture, the actual texture as it'll be seen in Radient. but where? hmm....

well lets assume you're like me with not a spark of artistic creativity in a million years. alright, no se that shiny digital camera next to the desk? grab it and begin slapping pics all over that memory card.

ok now lets pretend you have a MOHAA worthy texture, maybe something liek this.

ok, that's wood right? not some strain of West Nile Virus? good. actually since my web hosting is actng up and being a hater you cant tell the difference.

so make sure it's saved as a jpeg (.jpg) or targa (.tga) file and slap it somewhere easy to find and differentiate from all those other Norwegian houses you're looking to buy.

now the hard part. the .SHADER file. sounds touhg dunnit? it is if you cant spell tough correctly.

create a new Notepad file, and just pound in some simple code. like so.

   surfaceparm wood
   cull none 
      map textures/Custom/Woodwall.jpg 
      blendfunc blend 
      map $lightmap 

ok good. now we have a bunch of unruly Notepad gibberish. i'll go through what i know step-by-step.

1) textures/Custom/Woodwall

the directory (in your pk3 file that yu'll put it in) of th actual pic.

2) surfaceparm wood

cool, it's wood. we want wood decals to appear on it and splinters to fly when it's hit. surfaceparm tell the Q3 engine that it's wood, do the wood sounds and splinters etc.

valid things for this are


there may be more but i'm oblivious to them

( See the caulk tutorial - Bjarne )

3) cull none

meaning you dont want to blur any part of it. useful for far-away images so it wont take up so much vis data.

actually i dont understand the rest so hah! have fn with my own limited knowledge.

last BUT NOT LEAST fling the texture into this series of folders....


and the .SHADER...


so you have two differnt folders. scripts and textures. save the pk3 in your main directory and try out the textures in MOHRadiant / Game!



Remark by jv_map:

Great tut, but I'd like to advise any reader NOT to place the textures in a folder called 'custom'. Instead, place them in a folder textures/mymapname, where mymapname obviously is the name of your map. This should prevent pretty much any problems you might get with other maps using the same texture names. :D

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