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Hello there!

And welcome to The Rjukan project.

NOTE: Because of automated spam-bots posting over/editing pages here, the editing of pages is now password protected. Contact me on ICQ:7153676(preferred) or MSN:mrbzr{at} (That is MSN, I never read the mail adress) to get a password. I am very sad about this as it kills some of the "any one can help" spirit of this site.

- Bjarne

The main function of this Wiki is to allow the contributors to create MOH:AA tutorials in a collaborational environment. As anyone can edit the pages of a Wiki, it would be very easy to "grow" tutorials in a very nice way on a Wiki. Say someone made a quick start on a tutorial, or maby just gave it a name to indicate that the tutorial is needed. Someone else can then step in and write some short notes on what they know in the subject. Next someone else sees that there is an error and corrects it ( or just comments that it is wrong for the original author to corrrect it. ).

Stuff left to do (suggestions welcome)

So here goes some suggestions for Tutorials ( To create a new tutorial page: just click edit and make a new link using the notation used by the others... then click on the link to create the page ) :

So add some more tutorial suggestion links that you feel are missing. Then perhaps start them yourself, or hope someone else does it for you. Or continue on another tutorial.

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